Mission Statement

The Journal of Biochemical and Clinical Genetics is a medical publication dedicated to the study of clinical and biochemical aspects of human genetic disorders including: inborn errors of metabolism  dysmorphology, neurogenetics, cytogenetics, genetics syndromes, newborn screening, carriers detection, epidemiology of genetic disorders, pharmacogenetics, cancer genetics, behavioral genetics, community genetics, screening of monogenic and polygenic disorders, fetal pathology, prenatal and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and genetic counseling as well as advances in prevention and treatment of genetic disorders. The journal highlights fundamental investigations of the pathogenesis of inherited disorders and practical advances in the molecular diagnosis of human disease. Clinical application of genomics and next generation sequencing technologies are considered valuable contributions.

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Biochemical and Clinical Genetics (JBCGenetics) aims to provide continuous coverage of all biological and medical aspects of genetic disorders and birth defects, as well as phenotype analysis within the current context of genotype/phenotype correlations.

As a crucial resource to physicians, medical geneticists and associated professionals, the Journal's primary purpose is to report original research in the following areas:

  1. Biochemical Genetics: inborn errors of metabolism (IEM), newborn screening, carrier detection, mitochondrial disorders, laboratory aspects of IEM and medications used in the treatment of IEM.
  2. Clinical Genetics: descriptions of new syndromes, novel genes,  new causal and pathogenetic insights into known syndromes, advances in genetic counseling, nosology, anthropometry, and anthropology, including dermatoglyphics.
  3. Clinical Molecular Genetics: homozygosity mapping, next generation sequencing including whole exome sequencing (WES) and  whole genome sequencing (WGS).
  4. Formal Genetics: quantitative, population, and epidemiological genetics;
  5. Molecular Cytogenetics: delineation of syndromes due to chromosomal aberration.
  6. Neurogenetics: reports on novel research on the genetic mechanisms underlying neurological disorders.
  7. Reproductive Genetics: prenatal diagnosis and the genetics of prenatal and perinatal death, birth defects, preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).
  8. Cancer Genetics and Cancer Cytogenetics: experimental and molecular approaches.
  9. Personalized Genomics: treatment structures and medicinal decisions based on a patient's predicted response or risk of disease.

The journal will also report on animal models of human genetic disorders, ethical, legal and social issues, fetal genetic pathology and teratology, genetic drift, historical aspects of medical genetics, and studies of twins and twinning. The Journal focuses on the themes surrounding careful phenotype analysis by emphasizing meticulous documentation of phenotype and natural history of conditions. In addition to research articles, regular features of the journal include clinical reports, editorials, rapid publications, and letters to the editor.

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JBCGenetics. Year: 2023, Volume: 6

    Original Research (Original Article)

  1. Supplementary testing after negative or inconclusive exome sequencing results
    Balsam AlMaarik, Taghrid Aloraini, Roselyn Paclejan, Mohammed Balwi, Lamia Alsubaie, Abdulrahman Alswaid, Wafaa Eyiad, Fuad Al Mutairi, Faroug Ababneh, Majid Alfadhel, Ahmed A. Alfares
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 1-13
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1659513785

  2. Erythropoietin resistance in patients with regular hemodialysis in Sohag university hospital
    Nagwa S. Ahmed, Aida A Mahmoud, Nayel Abd Elhamed Zaki, Amera A. Genedy
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 14-21
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1670609060

  3. Uncovering the genetic basis of hyperphosphatasia with impaired intellectual development syndrome type 2: identification of a novel biallelic nonsense mutation in PIGO gene
    Anam Nayab, Shagufta Andleeb, Shah Zeb, Hafiza Yasmin Manzoor, Zamrud Zehri, Arif Mahmood, Hammal Khan, Muhammad Umair, Ahmed Waqas
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 22-28
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1673224261

  4. A biallelic variant in IQCE predisposed to cause non-syndromic post-axial polydactyly type A
    Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Raheel, Gul Hassan, Shah Zeb, Arif Mahmood, Zamrud Zehri, Hafiza Yasmin Manzoor, Muhammad Umair
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 29-35
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1673499250

  5. Opinion of geneticist regarding performing preimplantation genetic testing for monogenic disorder for variants of unknown significance
    Reema Alduaiji, Laila Alqahtani, Reema Alqadiri, Lena Alotaibi, Mostafa abolfotouh, Majid Alfadhel
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 36-40
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1676870604

  6. Review Article

  7. The landscape of acid sphingomyelinase deficiency in a new therapeutic era: insights from experts in the Gulf region
    Moeenaldeen AlSayed, Fatma Al-Jasmi, Tawfeg Ben Omran, Fathiya Al-Murshedi, Rawda Sunbul, Nadia Al-Hashmi, Talal Al-Enazi
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 41-56
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1664963756

  8. Genetic advances in skeletal disorders: an overview
    Safdar Abbas, Hammal Khan, Qamre Alam, Arif Mahmood, Muhammad Umair
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 57-69
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1672021989

  9. Case Report

  10. Dilated cardiomyopathy associated with NRAP gene: a case series
    Abdellh A. Names, Mohammed A. Tohary, Basel A. Hadad, Abdurahman H. Alhazmi, Hamad M. Alaksham, Hassan M. Gohal, Ghadah M. Gosadi, Ali A. Awaji, Mohammad A. Jareebi
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 70-74
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1668575222

  11. Homozygous variant FOXE3 causes autosomal recessive anterior segment dysgenesis type 2: a case report
    Zuha Alkhaldi, Moosa Allawati, Nadia Alhashmi
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 75-79
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1670866871

  12. Coexistence of atopic dermatitis and thrombocytosis: diagnostic odyssey: a case report
    Fuad Al Mutairi, Meshal Alberreet, Lara Alkuhaimi, Khalid Aleisa, Rana Almana, Asma Awadalla
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 80-84
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1671616459

  13. Progressive pseudorheumatoid dysplasia in an Omani family: a case report
    Zuha Alkhaldi, Moosa Allawati, Nadia Alhashmi
    JBCGenetics. 2023; 6(1): 85-88
    » Abstract » HTML Fulltext» PDF» doi: 10.24911/JBCGenetics/183-1675359352